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Restore VM Using NetApp Snapshot (SnapRestore)

We want to automate a snap restore command for restoring a VM from one of the nightly snapshots we take. Assuming this can be done with Powershell, just wondering if someone knows the best way to script this. 


Obviously happy to use WFA to do this. 


Re: Restore VM Using NetApp Snapshot (SnapRestore)

You can look into this website.

Jeremy had developed some workflows.




Re: Restore VM Using NetApp Snapshot (SnapRestore)

Powershell cmdlets are available  for this. For cDOT Restore-NcSnapshotVolume Restore-NcSnapshotFile and for 7Mode Restore-NaSnapshotVolume Restore-NaSnapshotFile can be used to get this done. You can create a new WFA command to execute it.




PS C:\Users\sinhaa> Restore-NcSnapshotVolume -Volume sinhaa_vol1011 -SnapName "hourly.2015-05-14_1805" -VserverContext SivaVS1 -Confirm:0

Name State TotalSize Used Available Dedupe Aggregate Vserver
---- ----- --------- ---- --------- ------ --------- -------
sinhaa_vol1011 online 100.0 MB 5% 94.9 MB False Test_aggregate SivaVS1



Is this okay, or you would need the whole WFA command code?



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