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Restore of items from previuos version or UM


We are hitting the display 

Too many items to display. All contents of specified directory will be restored

when we try to do a restore , either from explorer - previuos versions or in Unified Commender GUI.

I did find this explanation :

When you enter a path without specifying a particular file, the contents of the folder are displayed
in the Folders and Files list, and you can select up to 10 files, folders, or a combination of both to
restore. However, if a folder contains more than 995 items, a message displays to indicate there
are too many items to display and if you proceed with the operation, all items in the specified
folder are restored.


Is there a way to increase this number , or a workaround ?

We are on ontap 8.3.1 , UM version 6.3


best rgards




Re: Restore of items from previuos version or UM

Hi pal,


unfortunately no - there is no workaround or value to be tweaked.

The behavior is working as designed. It has something to do with the API that returns the list of files.


Please keep in mind that OCUM is not designed to be a full-fledged backup and restore application for general purpose file services.

If you are looking for something like that then Snap Protect would be the better fit.


Nevertheless if you still know the location and the file to be restored, you can enter the full path, including the file name manually and the file will be restored regardless of it being listed in those 995 entries or not.


Kind regards, Niels



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Re: Restore of items from previuos version or UM

Hi Niels,

thx for fast reply,

Do you know if there is any demands for increasing the number , it gives us a BIG disadvantage in using Netapp, as for us its one of the nicest feature. 

But with increasing number of files and folders we will be hit a lot.

We did snap protect but abanded it because of license costs (Simpana).

I can't remeber we ever had this issue with the old DFM and ontap 7-mode


best rgards,


Re: Restore of items from previuos version or UM

Hi pal,

unfortunately I'm not aware of any plans to change this behavior.

As said, it's related to the ONTAP API behavior so not even OCUM's fault.


I just made a quick test with OCUM 6.3 and other than described above I noticed that it's not even possible to restore a single file from a directory with more than 995 entries even if you know its exact path and name.

That's definitely not the behavior I'd have expected.


"Previous versions" directly from Windows Explorer is working fine though. As you mentioned that in the header as well, would that be a possibility for you?

I understand though it can only restore files from local SnapShots and not from SnapMirror or SnapVault destinations, so that might be a drawback.


If you need that feature in OCUM I encourage you to talk to your NetApp representative(s) in order to help you articulate your use case and present it to Product Management.

As said - it's generally working as designed, so would be a new feature request.


Kind regards, Niels


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Re: Restore of items from previuos version or UM

Hi Niels,


ok , thx for the replies.


I think i will have a go at asking for the feature 🙂



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