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Restoring deleted Policies in Protection Manager

Ok, so I'm migrating datasets from one DFM server to another and in the process of doing this I had to blow away and recreate the DPM polices on the new OM server.  Well, when I did this I accidentally blew away all the canned, native polices along with my custom ones.  Because one needs the native polices to create a custom one (have to copy from an existing one), I now can't create any policies.  So, I'm faced with one of two choices (no I don't have a backup of this database yet):

1) reinstall OM

2) restore the database object

I'm thinking that 2 is possible, because when I do a dfpm policy list -a, I see the "Non Modifiable" --"NM"--policies, which look like the native ones.  However, when I do a regular dfpm policy list, I see nothing, seeing that I blew them all away.  So, is there a way to get back to normal here?  I'm thinking that that the "NM" polices are there as a backup.  Thanks for the help.



Re: Restoring deleted Policies in Protection Manager


Yes, the NM policies are there for a backup. You can create new DP policies from the NM policies using "dfpm policy copy" command.

[root@dfm1psmgr~]# dfpm policy copy help


    copy -- makes copy of a policy


    dfpm policy copy [ -g <group-name-or-id> ][ -d <description> ] <existing-policy-name-or-id>



    -d option can be used to specify description for the new policy

    -g is specified, the policy will be created in a specific group.

    Otherwise, policy will be created at a global group level.

    User must have DFM.ApplicationPolicy.Write privilege on the specified group or a global group.

[root@dfm1_oel_opsmgr_37 ~]#