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Return Parameter in a Modular Workflow

I have Modular/Parent workflow, which has just 2 child workflows in it. 

As part of the Parent workflow, I would like to return one of the childworkflows attribute.

But the attribute is not being shown in the setup>return parameters.  

What Am I missing ? or doing wrong ?

Attached is the screen shot of the same 


Parent Workflow Return Parameter Parent Workflow Return Parameters


Here is the screen shot of Child workflow



Here is the child workflow return parameters after adding the SVM which I want.

Child After Adding Return Parameter





Re: Return Parameter in a Modular Workflow

When a workflow is used as a step in another workflow, it is assigned a variable as seen in this pic below. 





In the child workflow name the return parameter without any dot in it like this




and in the parent workflow you can use this return value as workflow1.snapmirror_dst_vs_name

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Re: Return Parameter in a Modular Workflow

Thanks parag. That worked. I dint know the . in the parameter name in the child workflows was the issue.

BTW can you help me understand what is the P with an circling arrow around it mean ?


I couldnt find what it means in any documentation.




Re: Return Parameter in a Modular Workflow

That icon represents a return parameter.



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