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Running job will not abort

Hey guys

Does anyone know how to force the abort of an job? I have a job that hung for more than 10 days, last week i cancelled the running job but now it's still on "cancelling".

I also tried to abort the job over the command line with

dfbm job abort 197850

the result is

Error: Job 197850 is already being aborted.

Since 6 days I have this message, actually I cannot take a backup of the desired dataset as the dataset waits for the job to finish.

Can anyone help me?




Re: Running job will not abort


you can try "dfm service stop -k" and then start the service "dfm service start". See if this frees up your dataset.



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Re: Running job will not abort

Thanks Arun,

you were right. In this case the easier way was the solution.



Re: Running job will not abort

If you are using a linux box you could go a ps -eaf | grep -i dfpm and find the job id and do a kill -9 instead of doing a service stop.



Re: Running job will not abort

and if you are using Windows, after identified job number (GUI or dfpm job list -v jobs-running), then start the Task Manager, "Processes" tab, make sure you "show processes from all users", View>Select column... , check the "Command Line" column, you must now see the ...\dfpm.exe" job run job_id, the you can end this one only.

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