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SAN Latency Metric in Performance Advisor.

Please provide an explanation of one of the counters display by performance advisor that is not covered in the counters explanation in the help screen.

On the volume latency view,  SAN Latency by Optype graph there are four counters displayed:

san-read latency
san write latency
san other latency
san latency

In our case san latency is sometimes very high, i.e 100's of milliseconds while the read and write latency are generally around 10 ms.

What does san latency measure?  It seems to me that measurements done by the filer are between the filer  and the storage shelves.  Please explain this metric.

Our NMC is at 2.2.1, DFM is 3.7.1


Re: SAN Latency Metric in Performance Advisor.

san_latency of a volume is the sum of san_read_latency,

san_write_latency and san_other_latency counters.

This counter is provided by Performance Advisor and is not available on

the filer.



Re: SAN Latency Metric in Performance Advisor.

You may also want to look at burt 327609 fixed in DFM 3.8