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SQL Query Inside a Table User Input

Running WFA 3.1P1


I need help with a possible syntax issue.  If there are existing canned workflows I can reference that would be good as well.


I created a Table User Input from the variable name of "Volumes" with 4 columns. The first three Columns need to be SQL queries. 



  1. Cluster - SQL Query
  2. SVM - SQL Query
  3. Volume - SQL Query
  4. LUN Count to Add - Number

From the SVM SQL Query, I'm trying to find the syntax on how to call the Cluster Variable in the table.  Any Suggestions?  Below is the query I'm running from the SVM column.


select from cm_storage.vserver join cm_storage.cluster on = vserver.cluster_id where = '${Volumes:Cluster}'


Maybe this is something that is not available.



Re: SQL Query Inside a Table User Input



You may want to look at this link:



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Re: SQL Query Inside a Table User Input

Yep, that was it. Thanks!

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