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Save reports on network share


is it possible to save custom reports on a network share. If I well understood than it's only possible to receive the reports by mail or to store it insight OnCommand Report. We want to use some reports in our own dashboard, so it should be possible to export the needed data to an external share on the network.

I have found some tips on the IBM Cognos website, but it is not allowed for the "admin" user to create a new "File System Location" in the Cognos Administration -> like described here:

The problem is that in OnCommand Report there is now "New" button just the "Close" button nothing else!

Thank you for your help

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Michael Schneid


Re: Save reports on network share

I woud be interested in a reply to this as well.  I need to export these in csv or html and put them up on a report web server.

Re: Save reports on network share

Any responses to this question?  I am looking to do the exact same thing and use our own custom Dashboard but we require the files to be dumped into a file share rather than email.


Re: Save reports on network share


I am not aware of any method to get Unified Manager to push the reports to a network path, however it stores the reports that is creates in the "Reports Archival Directory" directory as seen here:

# dfm option list reportsArchiveDir

Option            Value

----------------- ------------------------------

reportsArchiveDir /opt/NTAPdfm/reports/

You could create and schedule a script to push those reports to any desired path available on the server.



Re: Save reports on network share

Kevin - They appear to be talking about OCR, not OCUM... IN OCR, there is no way to save reports, i've been down that road before..

If we are talking about OCUM, there are many ways to save reports to a network share via cli script

Re: Save reports on network share

I see now that the first post states OCR. 

FYI - OCR entered the End of Availability window last month.



Re: Save reports on network share

Yeah, netapp got us all excited about OCR and then pulled the product and want you to buy insight..

I would suggest people don't use OCR since it's EOA, EOL within 2 years

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