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Scripting Vfiler password changes?

I'm not sure if this is possible but if anyone has any experience with this or information it would be greatly appreciated.

I work in an organization which utilizes multi-store to share out vfiler's and we always manually set a root password when creating them in addition to the domain password required to join it to the domain.

As a result we have over 150 vfiler's which are all using the same root password and for security reasons we would ideally like to be able to change these passwords every 30 days or so.  It would be a time-consuming process to change all these root passwords manually and I was hoping someone had developed a script or knew of an easier method to make this change.

Any suggestions?



Re: Scripting Vfiler password changes?

Hi Ryan

You can accomplish this by a feature called "Password Management" in Operations Manager.

The vFiler Passwords page provides a single location from which you can modify host passwords for one or more vFiler units. It also lists all the vFiler units for which the DataFabric Manager server has not cached authentication credentials

For this perform the following steps

1. Login to Operations Manager Web UI

2. Click on "Control Center" tab

3. Go to Management -> vFiler -> Passwords

4. There you can select the vFiler unit / vFiler units

5. You can enter the new password which would be applicable for all the vFiler units

6. After this a job will be created which will update the passwords on vFiler units


Secure Admin software is available for Data Ontap version 7.2 onwards. However, the password modification operation can be performed by invoking the commands on the hosting storage system. As a result, the password management feature supports vFiler units if the following requirements are met:

  • The vFiler unit must be running Data ONTAP 6.4 or later, and the authentication credentials for the host storage system are available, or the vFiler unit must be running SecureAdmin and Data ONTAP 7.2 or later on the host storage system.



Re: Scripting Vfiler password changes?

Thank you for this information but I've already explored Operations Manager and am aware of this feature.

I was hoping someone might have developed a script so that I didn't have to manually click on each vfiler (150+) and type the existing password and then the new password and confirm it.  This would still be easier than doing it through the console but not exactly what I was hoping for.

I appreciate the effort though...

Any further suggestions?


Re: Scripting Vfiler password changes?

Hi Ryan

You need not do this separately for each vfiler

If all the vfilers have the same password then you can perform this functionality using Password Management Page.

I have attached a screenshot for the page which would help you achieve your objective

Another possible solution is to create a group, put all these vfiler units in the group and then use Password Management feature for that group and

update the passwords for all the vFiler units in the group in a single step, provided the vFiler units have the same password



Re: Scripting Vfiler password changes?

Thank you very much!

I completely overlooked this portion of the tool!

I really appreciate you pointing this out to me!