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Scripts in OCUM

Hi all,

I try to understand the limits of scripts in OCUM but until now I have no clear answer.


As far as I understand the help page of OCUM 6.3 and according to opinion of different people a script that is attached to a alert is only limited by your skills and what you can derive from the event arguments listed below, correct?



Quoting the OCUM Help-Page:



The script uses the following arguments for execution:





Re: Scripts in OCUM



We can use the arguments passed by alert script as a base and can get much more information by using the 'UM CLI' commands in the script.


For example, get the volume Id and basic capacity information from event arguemtns and run 'um query run' command to get more information from DB. If the required info. is not available

in DB, you can use another um cli, which connects to the cluster and run a command to get the required info.


I feel using the UM Cli commands in the script makes the script powerful.




Re: Scripts in OCUM

Hi KJag,


so using UM CLI commands in the script is the only possible thing?







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