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Self Documenting WFA - ?

Not really a question, but more of a thought and just wanted to get some opinions.  I am working on WFA workflows for a customer and they want some documentation about the workflows defined in WFA, fair enough.  I have done a halfway decent job of making the workflows as descriptive as possible and now want to basically reuse that information in the form of a word document with some other general verbiage and such about WFA and how the workflows are run and published.  My take is that WFA or some other program could pull that data and construct a document for me based on what is in there already?  Does this sound feasible?  Has anyone by chance already thought of this and written something to do this?  Should I make this suggestion for this as an improvement to the product? 


Matthew Shearer


Re: Self Documenting WFA - ?

Hello Matthew,

We have a feature called "Reference Manual". You can trigger it through the top menu bar under "Help".

The reference manual is automatically generated when triggered to create an on-the-fly ref manual of what you have at the moment

in terms of WFA pieces (Flows, commands, filters, finders etc.)

So, if you'd go and make your work tidy, and document user inputs, add proper descriptions and the like,

the ref manual may just give you what you want.

Take it out for a spin - We'd be happy to hear your thoughts.


Yaron Haimsohn

WFA team

Re: Self Documenting WFA - ?

Thank you, that is exactly the type of thing I was looking for! 

Re: Self Documenting WFA - ?

Thanks for this Yaron and team. Just been looking to document the workflow that I created, and found this thread. I clicked the link and incredibly it had all the details of my Workflow and commands written etc. This has saved me hours