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'Send Email' command keeps SmptUserPassword in plain text

Hi All,

I was wondering if it was possible to create a credential object for my SMTP account. The Send Email command keeps the password in plain text but that causes issues for me as it is the same account we use to administer our environment so I really don't want to have the password in plain text if I can help it. I know that you can create a new credential object with type 'Other', is it possible to use that for the Send Email command?




Re: 'Send Email' command keeps SmptUserPassword in plain text

Hello Tim,

      The command Send Email code isn't designed to accept the Username/Password from the WFA Credential page. If you look at the command code, it just takes what you have provided as the parameters. So with this certified command this isn't possible. A user may created his/her own command to do it, but that would need some work.

Regarding storing the  Password in text format, I agree its a security bug and must be corrected. I should file a bug for it to be corrected perhaps in the next release.

warm regards,


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