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Send email to current user


is there any way to get the email address of the user starting a workflow from within a command?




Re: Send email to current user

Hi Jakob,

     Can you give me some more background on what you are trying to do and why you are doing it ?

IIRC, when you create a local user in WFA server, you can specify the email address of the user.

I will have to check, how the same works in case of AD/LDAP integration.



Re: Send email to current user


     You can get the user-name of the user who executed the workflow from a command, but for email id, the API doesn't provide. It can be taken as an improvement for future.

You can use the below cmdlet to get the name of the workflow executor:

Get-WfaRestParameter "userName"

But you can make use of this for your requirement if:

1. You create WFA local users with their email IDs as Usernames.

2. If you use Domain Login for WFA, then you can change the User name attribute in WFA Configuration from sAMAccountName to UserPrincipalName i.e. UPN assuming the UPN and Email IDs are same ( they generally are ). Now you login to WFA as and since this is also the email id, the above api can get it.

warm regards,


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Re: Send email to current user


thank you for your answer. It should be ok as a work around. I'll test if UPNs will work. An API for retrieving a users email address would be nice anyways.



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