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Setting up alerts

We recently purchased and implemented a FAS 2240. We did not purchase operations manager. Does the device, without operations manager, have the ability to send alerts for when a drive,controller or any type of hardware failure occurs? if so how is this setup?

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Re: Setting up alerts

Yes, via AutoSupport.  From System Manager configure AutoSupport, or from command line "options autosupport" settings.  Also, OnCommand Unified Core should have a free license from your account entitlements so you should be able to install and run that too.


Re: Setting up alerts

Hi Bill!

First, congratulations on your purchase!  The feature you are asking about is the Autosupport feature which is the "phone home" option in Data ONTAP.  The following knowledge base article has the details on setting up and testing the Autosupport feature which will send alerts to NetApp support in addition to designated person(s) that you may also want to have the alert message sent to:

The KB article will step you through configuring Autosupport using the Data ONTAP command line.  If you are using OnCommand System Manager to manage your FAS2240 system, you can also configure and test Autosupport in the Configuration => System Tools => Autosupport menu of System Manager.

Last, just be advised that Operations Manager (now called OnCommand Unified Manager) is available at no charge for NetApp customers.  If you wish to deploy OnCommand Unified Manager, contact your NetApp account team and request that they file the internal request to have your OnCommand Unified Manager core server license key issued for your FAS2240 system.



Re: Setting up alerts



I was wondering if its also possible to set volume usage alerts without the operations manager

When a particular threshhold is reched lets say 80%.Kindly advise




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