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Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

Does anyone have any documentation on the supported silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows?


Re: Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

I tried using /s switch withe the OM 3.8.1 installer as below:

dfmsetup-3-8-1-win32.exe /S

Though the application is installed, but it fails to comple many of the installation tasks as below: (The tasks below are performed while installing the application manually with a valid license key -it's a snap of the installation log that is created by the OM installer in installation folder)

Setting up services...
Setting up sql ...
Starting SQL ...
Setting up DBA user ...
Setting up transaction log management...
Defining SQL schema ...
Defining SQL Views ...
Defining SQL debug procedures ...
Setting up DFM user ...
Creating or updating sample backup schedules and throttles.
Stopping SQL ...
Enabled Operations Manager license.
Installing help files...
Starting service...
Service: sql started.
Service: http started.
Service: eventd started.
Service: monitor started.
Service: scheduler started.

Service: server started.
Service: watchdog started.

Among all these things, some are very critical. So it seems dificult to go for silent installation

Re: Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

Hi Swati,

I've been able to find that /D can be used to specify the install directory, however based on my testing here are the following gaps that I believe exist as part needed silent install parameters:

  1. License key (new install)
  2. Accept the dfm autosupport enrollment (new install)
  3. Ability to skip database backup (upgrade)

I can't believe this is undocumented, and for very large Enterprise environments folks have to realize we are not talking just manually installing 1 or 2 instances of Operations Manager.

Again if anyone has any information on this it will be greatly appreciated.

If this was using MSI format packages it would not be an issue but NetApp has moved to another packaging format with 3.8 and above so understanding of the silent installation parameters is critical


Re: Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

These are undocumented options and are not supported. They should not be used.



Re: Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

There are certain things NetApp could do to really help customers without a Herculean engineering or development effort.  This item would be one of those things.

Re: Silent install parameters for OM 3.8.1 on Windows

These silent installation options are now documented and supported with OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1.

See OnCommand Installation and Setup Guide for details

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