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Stats for Intercluster LIFs Not Being Collected

I have just added a new storage cluster to my enterprise and I noticed the cluster SVM is not showing up in the SVM pull-down list for this cluster... only the data SVM and node SVMs.  All other clusters are collecting fine.


The cluster is running ONTAP 9.6P2


NAbox 2.6.4 (2020-06-28).
NMSDK 9.7.
Harvest 1.6.

Re: Stats for Intercluster LIFs Not Being Collected

Hi Nicholsongc,


Perhaps it is the role or group you created on this Cluster doesn't have the proper permissions to access the Cluster SVM. Can you compare the configuration between the newly added Cluster with the Cluster(s) that are working appropriately? Are the ONTAP versions different between the working and non-working Cluster as well?


Harvest 1.6.1 is also released, which includes some bug fixes and enhancements:

Harvest 1.6.1 





Team NetApp

Team NetApp

Re: Stats for Intercluster LIFs Not Being Collected

Thank you for the follow-up.  I'm not familiar with any specific configuration options for creating a group for this.  I've always just entered a group name based on the cluster location.  So if you have some guidance on where to check such setting I'll be happy to check and report back.


This new cluster is running ONTAP 9.6P3.  Other clusters which are not having any issues with Harvest collections are running ONTAP version between 9.1P16 to 9.5P7

Re: Stats for Intercluster LIFs Not Being Collected

Lack of intercluster LIF statistics is due to design change made in ONTAP 9.6 and above, which transitioned the intercluster LIFs to use socket layer instead of PCP. The suggested workaround is described here:


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