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Storage Capacity vs Physical space don't match

On the Appliance detail page in DFM the figures for Storage Capacity and Physical Space don't match.  How are these figures calculated?


Re: Storage Capacity vs Physical space don't match

Physical space is the size of each disk, the raw capacity of the disk.

The storage space and physical space will never match, as there are many things

like thin provisioning,due to which you can create volume of size greater than your aggr.

like raid sizing and few more.



Re: Storage Capacity vs Physical space don't match

Any plans to make OM 'show its working' when it makes capacity related calculations?

For example making sense of the results of a capacity report where you have a mix of all the latest technologies on the same storage controller such as thin provisioning, over-commitment, snapshots (with reserve and with no reserve), deduplication and volume space management policies seems to require a qualification in astrophysics.

My math teacher always used to give extra credit to show your working.


Re: Storage Capacity vs Physical space don't match

So that's where the links in the storage capacity panel comes into picture.

Each of those link give details about each kind of object like, volume,qtree,lun or aggr.

And further, the reports give more info on each kind of space management like,

thin provisioning ie volume guarantee

Overcommittment @ volume level for qtree/quotas,

look at volumes-quota-committed

and overcommittment @ aggr level for none guarantee volumes.

look at aggregate-space-summary report

So there are report for each one.

So BTW is there any specific calculation you are looking for ?