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Summary of Scheduled DWH reports



We can create n number of scheduled reports in DWH. But is there any way to generate report which can show which reports (report name) are scheduled, at what time and who are the  recipients (to, cc) and additional info?


I can see the list of reports in report administation -> configuration but to see the schedule I have to click on each and every report to see its properties.

If not in cognos UI, then even if that info is there somewhere in mysql then please share how to get that data. 


I tried to look all the tables of DWH but not able to find relevent information for my requirement.





Re: Summary of Scheduled DWH reports

I'm pretty sure it would be possible to write a report to do this, but I have no insights into how one would do so that can't be gained by google searching the topic. 


The information is available in an existing user interface element in the Cognos interface.  From the Public Folders screen, click Launch-->IBM Cognos Administration.  On the left column, click Schedules.  The listing will include scheduled backups as well as any reports that are scheduled. 



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