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System Manager 1.1 is now available

NetApp Alumni

System Manager 1.1 is now available on the NOW site:

This release includes the following new features:

  • Quota management: System Manager now helps you to manage your quotas. You can create, edit, configure, and delete quotas using a wizard. You can also define quotas when you create a volume or qtree using the Quotas tab in the Volume Create and Qtree Create dialog boxes.
  • V-series support: System Manager provides complete support for V-Series system array LUNs. An array LUN is a group of disks or disk partitions in a span of storage space.
    It is recognized by V-series. Instead of direct attached disks, you can view the array LUNs, create aggregates, and add array LUNs to an existing aggregate.
  • Large aggregate support (16 TB and larger): When configured with Data ONTAP 8.0, System Manager supports aggregates larger than 16 TB.
  • NFS protocol configuration: System Manager now supports NFS protocol configuration using the System Manager GUI.


   - Rick -


Re: System Manager 1.1 is now available

Hi Rick,

Is there a way to have the new System Manager quota functionality work with vfilers?


Re: System Manager 1.1 is now available

NetApp Alumni

Hi Jeremy -

Thank-you for your interest, but unfortunately, quotas with vfilers don't work.


   - Rick -

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