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System Manager 2.0 web app friendly?


Everyone at my work loves that Filer View is web-based.

Therefore I was wondering if I could host a VM, install OnCommand System Manager 2.0 and serve it up as a Web App?

Right now I can only serve it up as a Remote Application using Windows server 2008 but with two login prompts (wich I can probably remove) and a bit laggy.




System Manager 2.0 web app friendly?

No. System Manager cannot be run as a web app or as a remote web service.

The only way supported today is to install it on a standalone Windows/Linux and access it locally. Eventhough System Manager installs a web server on system, it connects to localhost ( address to launch the applicaiton



Re: System Manager 2.0 web app friendly?

Can we get an explination as to why this is not possible? It would be a very simple thing to do. Change the webserver to listen on and you're done.

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