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System Manager 2 Hyper-V Lun type??

Am I being blind or is there something missing that will allow the creation of a Hyper-V lun:

because if I create one on the command line it shows up as:

any ideas?


System Manager 2 Hyper-V Lun type??

What ONTAP version is running on the controllers?

We support creating Hyper-V Luns from System Manager on Storage Controllers running version 7.3.x and 8.1 only

We do not support it on 7.2.3+ and  8.0.x releases due to non-API support

If you are running one of the supported versions of ONTAP, we might need to look into the logs to find out what the issue is.



System Manager 2 Hyper-V Lun type??

Ah right I have 8.0.2 7 mode running on my controllers. Thanks