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System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

System Manager 3.1.2 won't start on any virtual machine I install the application on using either Windows 7 or 8.1


When starting the application I get the error message below:


UNable to access the SystemManager.ks file because OnCommand System Manager failed to authenticate the file. Delete the SystemManager.ks file and launch OnCommand System Manager again.


So having a look around it says that it should be located in C:\Users\%Username%\NetApp\SystemManager.ks the only problem is that file or folder don't exist.


What else can I try to get this working? it works fine from my laptop but I need to be able to use it from virtual machines as well.


Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start



This is due to a bug:

Refer for workaround.

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Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

But what can you do when that folder structure isn't there?



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