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System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

System Manager 3.1.2 won't start on any virtual machine I install the application on using either Windows 7 or 8.1


When starting the application I get the error message below:


UNable to access the SystemManager.ks file because OnCommand System Manager failed to authenticate the file. Delete the SystemManager.ks file and launch OnCommand System Manager again.


So having a look around it says that it should be located in C:\Users\%Username%\NetApp\SystemManager.ks the only problem is that file or folder don't exist.


What else can I try to get this working? it works fine from my laptop but I need to be able to use it from virtual machines as well.


Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start



This is due to a bug:

Refer for workaround.

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Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

But what can you do when that folder structure isn't there?



Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

For three separate installations to all get corrupted at the same time would be very odd.  Launching the jar file allows me to launch system manager but all my configuration and creds are not picked up that way like when I used to launch the executable. The last update date for the config file and the .ks file are dated 2018 and 2019 so they have not been updated in quite a while so I don't think they  would be corrupted. If I remove those two files and try to launch the executable it still does not launch so I don't think the files are corrupted. I still don't have an answer as to why the executable won't launch. 

Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

when launching the jar file and the recreating the config and creds, it stores the two files in an entirely different location than before, but it does save them. I still cannot launch the exe but I can go to the location of the jar file and launch it.

Re: System Manager 3.1.2 won't start

not sure what version of Java you are running but you might need to be running an old version instead of the newer ones, I would suggest JRE 7 or 8, see

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