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System Manager Error - Can't Connect

I'm having problems setting up System Manager 2.0.2 to connect to our new NetApp filers (new NetApp customer here!). 

Basically, I have two HA pairs - 3220 in our primary datacenter and 2240 in our DR datacenter.  I can connect fine to our production controllers, but get the error 'Connection Refused' when connecting to DR.  There is NO firewall inbetween - our DR site is in the same city connected via metropolitan dark fiber network.

Is there something the installer forgot to configure/turn on on the 2240 to allow system manager to connect?  I'm connecting as root so it's definitely not an authority issue.  I'm able to SSH just fine with the same credentials and SNMP is responding fine, as well.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!




Re: System Manager Error - Can't Connect

The simple solutions was to run:

options httpd.admin.enable on



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