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System Manager Ports


When System Manager starts it launches a browser back to localhost and then a dynamic port address

I know the browser must be directed to localhost but do we have a list/range of ports that System Manager uses to create the web connection ?




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80 (HTTP)

443 (HTTPS)

25 (SNMP)



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Thanks Amrita - this is the ports System Manager uses to communicate/discover the storage controllers.  The port I am referring to is port used by the Jetty Server to respond to the Browser requests;  Typically it will be in the form:<port number>/?sid=<hashed sid for session id>


It's the range of port numbers (65014) I'm interested in



Re: System Manager Ports

During installation of System Manager, user is given an option to choose either

- Auto port selection (Recommended)

- Manual Port selection

If Auto, SM automatically chooses free port in the range between 1024-65535

If Manual, User hasto manually choose a free port between 1024-65535. It is not recommended to choose well known ports between 0-1023.


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Thanks Kathik - thats perfect

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I use RedHat rpm package and install from the command line ( #rpm -ivh sysmgr-setup-2-0-1-linux.rpm ) and there's no setup dialogue box appeared during installation time. However , I could managed to find program in the Gnome menu.

But when I use alien to converted rpm to deb , installation went smoothly but no menu or icon.

My questions are:

1) How to launch netapp-oncommand-sysmgr from the command line.

2) How to define ports ? ( i.e location of the configuration files ).

Many thanks.

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1) How to launch netapp-oncommand-sysmgr from the command line.

- Goto the directory where SM is installed & java is installed:


- run the below command:

java –jar SystemManager.jar

SM should open in the default browser.

2) How to define ports ? ( i.e location of the configuration files ).


Here we need to add the port tag with the port number (<port>XYZ</port>) in SystemManager.config

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I already tried and failed because never CD into the /opt/NetApp/oncommand_system_manager/2.0/.

wrong command -> /usr/bin/java -jar /opt/NetApp/oncommand_system_manager/2.0/SystemManager.jar

Thank you karthikv for the guidance.

correct command ->

cd /opt/NetApp/oncommand_system_manager/2.0

/usr/bin/java -jar SystemManager.jar

This is not related to above problem , but just want to know 1 thing.

Is it possible put comments in nfs "exports" ?

I don't see any options there , if this can be done  by command line , pls let me know the command ?

Thank you again.

Re: System Manager Ports

SM does not allow/support putting comments to nfs "exports"

I don't think there is a CLI command either to add comments to nfs "exports"

You will be able to get a confirmed answer regarding CLI command from ONTAP community