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Tuning DFM server

Hi, just curious about this one.

There's any parameters to tune how much memory/cpu or any other parameters to tune OnCommand 5.0 server via dfm commands related to various components (db, server, web, etc)?




Re: Tuning DFM server

Hi Francesco,

     The simple answer is No.By default in OC 5.0 the sql process takes 50% of available memory, but that too is not user configurable. There is no other options I KNOW of which a user could tune.



Re: Tuning DFM server

How is the scalability with number of cpu cores? Does OnCommand use all cores effectively if I have e.g. 8 cores in my system?

Re: Tuning DFM server

Thanks for the information.

Re: Tuning DFM server

Yes, the OnCommand code is heavily multi-process and multi-threaded. We can use all cores you've got available. It is possible to generate workloads that don't scale but you have to work at it.