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Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

We ran accross this document. and on page 60 it mentions a DS14MKII can be converted to a FAS250/270.

Well, since we had both of these lying around collecting dust, we thought we would give it a whirl but so far have been unsuccessful.

Has anyone be able to do this? If so, is there any documentation on doing this?

When we try to boot up the filer, we get a panic with the error Failed to confirm FCAL loop speed due to OPS panel operation failure.


Re: Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

The 250 and 270 are based on the mk2 so it works fine... the 250/270 have an onboard 1GB LRC module, so make sure the shelf speed is set to 1GB.  That sounds like the issue.  Also, you can run into issues if the 250 has ONTAP 7.2 on the flash card but the disks came off a 7.3 system so the raid labels aren't recognized..if that is the case you can netboot the 250 to 7.3 and see if it recognizes the disks.  Also, don't run another module in the top slot... if an esh or lrc in the other slot with the 250, pull it and use a plate filler since that can cause issues too from what I remember.

Re: Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

Thanks for the response.

the shelf we have is a DS14MKII AT and we are wondering if that is causing the issues since it not a fibre channel shelf. The shelf doesnt have the 1gb/2gb switch. So what we attempted to do was pull the switch from the FAS250 case and install it in the shelf. Didnt seem to make a diffrence. We still get the failed FCAL speed error.

Also pretty sure we would run into the disk issue. the shelf did come from a system that had 7.3 and currently we have 7.2.7 on the FAS250 flash card.

Re: Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

Only supported in the fc shelf. It isn't supported in the -at shelf so won't work.

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Re: Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

I do not think it will work. You really need FC shelf.

Re: Turn a DS14mkII into a Fas250

Thanks guys. At this point, thats what we had concluded. need an FC shelf for this to work.