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Unable to add Cloned VMs to FSRM


I created a VM and then cloned it using Netapp Rapid cloning utility as well as also tried to create a VM from a templete. Now when I try to add these VMs in FSRM it gives me an error saying host already exists (88). When I researched on NOW site this kind of error gets displayed with Simulators as they have same serial number however I could not find any documentation regarding the VMs or server with FSRM. It seems as I cloned those VM some unique identities also got cloned which is being checked by FRSM and thus it is just detecting one VM in spite of multiple VMs. I have also made the entries in DNS but still facing the issue. I would request if anyone has faced this kind of problem and knows the magic trick to fix it.


Re: Unable to add Cloned VMs to FSRM

HI Abhi,

The reason is because every installation of NTAPagent creates a unique "Agent ID"

But in this case, cloning VMs also copied this unique ID across VMs.

You need to re-generated the host agent ID number

How to regenerate the host agent ID number?
By deleting the existing host agent ID number, you can force NetApp Host Agent to generate a new
host agent ID number when it restarts.
1. Stop the NetApp Host Agent service.
2. Delete the existing agent ID number using the procedure for your type of host.
If your host is running Windows
Then Delete the following registry value:
If your host is running Solaris or Linux
Remove the line that begins with System-ID= from the following configuration
file: /opt/NTAPagent/ntap_agent.cfg
3. Restart the NetApp Host Agent service.

How to stop & start the NetApp Host Agent service ?

a. On Linux,

/etc/init.d/NTAPagent stop

/etc/init.d/NTAPagent start

b. On Windows, use services.msc


Prasad S