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Upgrade WFA from to


Does someone know if it's possible to upgrade from to directly?

Or should I upgrade to a mid version and then to


Thanks a lot!



Re: Upgrade WFA from to



As per the instructions in the Installation and Setup Guide, you have to upgrade to a mid-version (i.e., WFA 3.0 in this case) and then to 3.1P2. There is no direct way possible.





Re: Upgrade WFA from to



1. Take the backup of your existing WFA2.2. If you are planning to install WFA3.1P2 on a different windows box( other than where the original wfa2.2 was present) , then you need to take the wfa key from the existing wfa. How to take this key? See installation and setup Guide. its simple 1 line CLI step


2. Install WFA3.1P2  freshly.

3. Restore the backup obtained in step(1). Restore the key as well if it was required.



No need for any intermediate WFA installations.





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