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Using WFA to upgrade ONTAP

I have seen the posts about using WFA to upgrade older 7-mode systems, but has anyone had any luck with creating a flow to upgrade CDOT systems? Mainly interested in automating 9.X versions using WFA.


Re: Using WFA to upgrade ONTAP



I think in 7 mode it made sense to do as there were a few failovers to do manually..

in Cdot it's all automated in the controller. so not much point to it.


you can perhaps create a function in WFA that load the image another that execute the install if you really like.



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Re: Using WFA to upgrade ONTAP

That’s really what I’d like to do is find a way to stage the ONTAP image on all the clusters I have in OnCommand and then be able to select which clusters to upgrade without having to touch each cluster individually. It sounds like I’d need a permeant web server up and running that has a valid URL to an image and use WFA to run cmdlts against the clusters to pull that image. I was just hoping someone would have a flow already. 

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