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VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0


I've recently upgraded to OnCommand 5.0 and was previously using the OSSV plugin for VMWare to backup my VMs to a FAS3160 system. I've been playing around with the OnCommand Host Plugin and have installed it on my vCentre server, have managed to create the datasets and apply the protection policy, but I cannot seem to add and VMs to the dataset (attached screenshot shows the error message)

I'm wondering that the error could be due to my VMWare datastores not being on NetApp storage as they are on EMC.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

You need to create datastores on NetApp storage and you need to push the credentials of the controller(where the datastore is created) into the Plugin.



Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

I have created a storage service with a resource pool from my VM Backups and have assicoated a storage system to the host service

Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

Is your backup's working fine now?


Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

No. I was meant to write in my previous post that I already have the storage service configured

Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

Please check you had followed the below steps.

1. Go to Host Service Page and click on "edit". Select the NetApp storage systems and Vfilers(which are holding the datastore)

2. This creates a Job and check whether the Job is sucessful

3. Now go to server Tab and select the VM or datastore. Check for the storage system is listed in the right side

4. Now create a dataset and associate the VM or datastore and add "Local VMWare policy"

5. Attach storage service.

Everything should work fine.


Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

This is exactly how I have it setup and am getting the error message that I have attaced in my original post. My concern is that my VMs are hosted on EMC Clariion LUNs.

Is it possible to perform remote backups to NetApp storage using OnCommand?

Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

The oncommand host package supports backup of vm that are hosted only on NetApp Storage and not non-netapp. For that use the OSSV version 3.0.1 to backup vm's hosted on non netapp to be backedup to netapp.



Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0


OnCommand 5.0 Host Package does not work with OSSV. Backups with OSSV from non-NetApp storage work with OC5 the same way they did before - nothing changed.

- Install OSSV agent on ESX host (no Host Package required at all, just Core, and rember, OSSV for ESX is only supported up to ESX3.5)

- add ESX host to DFM database via Protection Manager Interface (the seperate NMC GUI)

- create a dataset within the NMC Protection Manager

- add your OSSV hosts/VMs to that dataset

- apply a protection policy

- assign a secondary ressource pool so that ProtMgr can provision the required secondary storage and initiate the SV relationships (btw. use a provisioning policy with "manual deduplication" for the secondary ressource pool so that dedup and SV interact correctly).

regards, Niels

Re: VMWare OSSV backups with OnCommand 5.0

Thanks all. I'm looking to move of OSSV for ESX as we are on vSphere 4.1 now and the main fault with the OSSV agent is the lack of support for vMotion.

I'll look into the SyncSort alternative.