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VNXe and OCI

Hey all,


We are working on VNXe data gathering to prototype an OCI datasource to add support for the VNXe.


If you are interested in help driving along this process, you could run our "standalone" datasource against any VNXe you have on the floor.


Our standalone requires a Windows server with Java 8 installed, and the uemcli.exe - we'd unzip the standalone, and invoke a .bat and pass it parameters such as the IP/username/password for the VNXe, and the path to the uemcli.exe - our datasource will then make a bunch of CLI calls, and log the output.


We'd then pass this output to engineering as we continue to iterate through development cycles - the goal of which is a add-on patch to OCI 7.1.x to add VNXe support


If you are interesting, ping me at ostiguy at netapp dot com




Re: VNXe and OCI



Thank you for the informtion.


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Re: VNXe and OCI

Hi Matt,


I am interested. Infact I am looking for more information on that. You have mail about that in your inbox.



Sunil Yadav


Re: VNXe and OCI

FYI, just letting people know this project is moving along nicely.


The VNXe inventory and configuration support will ship in the next OCI releases and service packs.


We have been able to test this against over 20 arrays around the world. We have had extensive testing against the first generation VNXe arrays (31xx and 33xx), but less so against the gen 2 (1600 and 3200).


If you'd like to get together, and patch OCI 7.1.x to add VNXe support, let me know.

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