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Variables for workflow Job ID and execution comment?

As part of our self service offering we have a custom command that takes the info generated in the workflow (volume, aggr, etc) and posts it to our web services server to be placed into a HTML template and emailed to the requester. To make it less confusing when a user has more then one workflow scheduled I want to add in the Job ID and execution comment. I was wondering if there are variables that contain this information about the workflow that I would be able to reference in the workflow?


Re: Variables for workflow Job ID and execution comment?

Hi Tim,

Assuming you are using 2.0 version,

There is a Cmdlet that gives access to some of the execution time variables and you can use that in your custom command that is part of your workflow:




Please take a look at the command code in the certified command "Sent email" to see its usage further.

Execution comment is currently not available in this.



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