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Volume usage alerts


Using Oncommand / DFM, how can i confgure volume full notification to receive alerts for a volume growing above high watermark. I do get an alert when it reaches 95% but not when it grows to 96% from 95.


Re: Volume usage alerts

There are two possible alarms - volume almost full, and volume full.  You can specify what percentage triggers each alarm (globally, and per volume).  I believe the defaults are 80% and 95%, respectively.  So if your alert at 95% was volume full, DFM can continue to alert for that condition, but won't send a new alert at 96%.  You can set your "almost full" threshhold at 95%, and "full" to 99%, or whatever numbers better suit you.

If you want an alert at 95%, another alert at 96%, etc., the only way I know to do it is use an external monitoring tool (like Nagios).

Does that help?


Re: Volume usage alerts

Yup helps and that's what i could find. Though third party is not an option for me. Probably will monitor manually.

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