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WFA 2.2

Do anyone know when 2.2 is supposed to be GA?


Re: WFA 2.2

2.2GA is expected around June-July 2014.



Re: WFA 2.2

A related question is why can't WFA 2.2 Exported Workflows be imported into 2.1?

I've upgraded my dev-lab environment to 2.2RC1 and attempted to export/import some workflows into a v2.1 environment but it failed. Is there any chance this was a mistake or is the rule that imports must always come from the same or older WFA version? This could become a major hassle as folks are managing multiple project for multiple customers.


PS: of course I'm only assuming/expecting 2.1 functionality when I import a 2.2 workflow into 2.1

Re: WFA 2.2

Hi Dave,

Can you share the .dar file ? So that we can look into the cause of failure ?

Importing  of a .dar file should work across any version of WFA and there is no requirement that it always has to be higher.



Re: WFA 2.2

Really, that's good to know. But it doesn't explain my problem.  I sent you the dar file as a direct email. The WFA v2.1 error I got is shown in attachment

Re: WFA 2.2

Adai, ... I tried three more things to see if I could narrow down the problem but no luck:

1) I attempted a simpler export-2.2/import-2.1 of just a single workflow. As I mentioned, the original dar file I attempted to import was a complete Category and all it's member workflows and their dependencies. I picked one of those 4 workflows and attempted to import just it (and it's dependencies). No luck, same error as above.

2) I attempted to export-2.2/import-2.1 something entirely different (a datasource and dependent dictionary). Got the same error as above doing that.

3) I attempted to export-2.2/import-2.1 a single workflow which was in my wfa-2.2 environment but hadn't been touched since wfa-2.1. it was built/edited back when I was running wfa-2.1). This wouldn't import into 2.1 either and gave the same error as above.

Re: WFA 2.2

Hey Dave!! Are they not backward compatible or is it only when you are importing/exporting from 2.2 to 2.1??

Re: WFA 2.2

From the latest information I have received it seems WFA  dis-allows importing .dar files created with higher WFA version numbers. I think it may have always been that way. That is probably the safest and easiest way to ensure what is being imported doesn't have new-unknown-unsupported features.

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