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WFA 3.0 WFA_Cache update after running command



It was my understanding with WFA 3.0, you would be able to create a script to add information from Non-Certified commands into the WFA Cache rather than waiting for discovery through a data souce.


For example, I have a workflow that removes NFS export-policy rules from a volume in clustered-mode.  In order for WFA to realize this today, I have to wait through a discovery cycle.


I haven't been able to find any documentation on how this is done.  Has anybody tried this out yet?






Re: WFA 3.0 WFA_Cache update after running command

Please reffer Offline Foreign Lun Import workflow on Storage automation store.


Re: WFA 3.0 WFA_Cache update after running command

Isn't this what "Reservation" in a command essentially does? Updating WFA cache tables instantly without the need for wait for discovery and DataSource acquistion. WFA3.0 allows users to create Reservation code for custom commands as well. But I will agree that they are complex to write unless you are an expert. If you can , its the best.


WFA cache tables can only be updated by WFA Datasource acquistion or Reservation except on playground schema. So you can't have user commands update WFA cache tables using SQL insert. So as a possible way and as a simpler alternative to writing Reservation code, you can add 2 commands in your workflow.

1. A command that will refresh Data On OCUM.

2.  A command to run the DataSource acquistion immediately.


Now when your workflow completes, your WFA Data will always be up to date. Its not as instant as a reservation will get you, but it works.


You can take see an example here in my reply.


I've given a code to refresh monitoring on OCUM6.X then a command to run DataSource acquistion on the OCUM. It was mainly provided when custom commands couldn't have resevation code and waiting for discover and acquistion cycle was to be minimized.



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Re: WFA 3.0 WFA_Cache update after running command

I suggest you take a look at the WFA 3.0 Tech Presentation in FP and look at slide 35 to 40 on it.

Also as Abhishek said, take a look at the Foreign LUN Import workflow as well.




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