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WFA 4.0 workflow designer is destroying workflows



I noticed the following behaviour of WFA 4.0 workflow designer:

When reordering user inputs then some inputs get lost. The workflow cannot be started because of a lost reference to an user input. Further user inputs cannot be added to this workflow. The workflow is destroyed.




This is my user input tab in workflow designer:






Then the order of two user inputs is changed:





Now changing to the "constants" tab and back again:





Userinput "_SvmRole" is gone. When saving the workflow in this state it cannot be used any more:






Any ideas or help?


Best Regards



Re: WFA 4.0 workflow designer is destroying workflows



Hi Walter. Your inconvenience is regretted. We are looking into this on priority. I'll update soon.


Can you post your workflow .dar file. If you don't wan to to post here send me a PM or an e mail : sinhaa at netapp dot com



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Re: WFA 4.0 workflow designer is destroying workflows

Hi Sinhaa,


thanks for your help.


Sorry, but due to internal security policies I am not allowed to share property of my company with community members. But I may send the worklfow-dar file within in official NetApp support case.


Best Regards


Re: WFA 4.0 workflow designer is destroying workflows

Unable to reproduce the issue.

Can you please save the workflow before going to the 'constants' tab.


Also if the groups are getting mixed up, I see that the order is getting reset.

But I saw that the 2 variables which you are trying to rearrange belongs to the same group.

So this issue can be ruled out.




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