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WFA 4.1 Duplicate Self Links in XML Response

We noticed that starting in the latest upgrade, 4.1, when you get a response from a workflow execution, the XML payload has multiple self links. When I analyze the output of the URL's provided they both come back with the same information.


The problem I have is that the source that we have calling WFA is not expecting multiple self links and is erroring out. We are looking at fixing that code, but I believe this was an oversight/bug in this release. 


Has anyone ran into this yet, and have a patch they received for it?


<atom:link rel="command-execution-arguments" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="add" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="self" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="list" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="cancel" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="out" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="reservation" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="self" href=""/>
<atom:link rel="resume" href=""/>


Re: WFA 4.1 Duplicate Self Links in XML Response



That's interesting. Let me try myself. I'll update you.



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Re: WFA 4.1 Duplicate Self Links in XML Response

I've noticed that too and opened up a case for this. After about four weeks it was decided that it's not a bug and the case was closed. We were told to work around this in our application.


I still believe it's a bug. Sure, the link is slightly different, but if they do the same thing then why confuse the automation with two nodes with the same key?



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