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WFA - Connecting two workflows


In WFA 3.1.0, I'm trying to connect two workflows that I wrote. This means that when the first workflow ends, the second workflow begin automatically.

The two workflows are:

1. Create Vmfs Datastore (C-Mode)

2. Create snapvault copy for the new volume containing the datastore, on our B2D NetApp machine (C-Mode).


I assume that the first workflow need to have the following Return Parameters: cluster Ip, vserver name, volume name,

But how can I send them as the second workflow's parameters?








Re: WFA - Connecting two workflows

What is the mechanism you are doing to connect these 2 workflows?


Are you creating a master workflow to call this 2 child workflows?

In WFA a master workflow can call child workflows.




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Re: WFA - Connecting two workflows


Actually I didn't know that in WFA a master workflow can call child workflows.

that was what I looked for.

I tried it and it seems to work.


thanks a lot!

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