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WFA - Convert Snapmirror to Snapvault cDOT 8.3

I download the the Storage Automation workflow to automate the converison of Snapmirror relationships to Snapvault


The workflow does not appear to work.  After digging into the script it looks like the workflow was written for MetroCluster.  Does anyone have the script for non-Metrocluster.


This is the user inputs for the Destination Cluster:

SELECT AS 'Cluster Name',
    cluster.primary_address AS 'Cluster Primary Address',
    cluster.version AS 'Cluster Version'
    cm_storage.cluster cluster,
    cm_storage.volume volume,
    cm_storage.snapmirror_metrocluster snapmirror_metrocluster,
    cm_storage.vserver vserver,
    cm_storage.cluster_license cluster_license
WHERE = snapmirror_metrocluster.secondary_volume_id
    AND = volume.vserver_id
    AND = vserver.cluster_id
    AND cluster_license.cluster_id =
    AND cluster_license.license = 'snapmirror'
    AND cluster.version >='8.2.0'
    AND snapmirror_metrocluster.type = 'data_protection'
    AND snapmirror_metrocluster.relationship_control_plane = 'v2'
    AND snapmirror_metrocluster.state != 'uninitialized'




Re: WFA - Convert Snapmirror to Snapvault cDOT 8.3



What is the actual issue. Please let us know.


You've found the dictionary entry "snapmirror_metrocluster" into the code, but this is a common dictionary for two packs one of which is "Metro cluster switch over and switch back".




Re: WFA - Convert Snapmirror to Snapvault cDOT 8.3

I know this is an old thread, but i'd like to revive it.  I too was getting the OPs original error until I reset the scheme for the data source.  However, it still does not work.  The first field is required and is for the destination cluster.  This is a pick list field, is required, but is blank.  The flyout for the field says to pick from the list, but there is nothing to pick from.

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