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WFA Create Clustered Ontap Volume and Cifs share

I was able to create a Volume and Cifs share by editting the workflows but the customer wants a workflow in such way we do not provide the volume name in the workflow but only give the cifs share name which create the volume according to the naming standards:


vol create (volume naming convention (cifs_ssd_appname_data_001) and name of the cifs will be appname so they want to only provide the cifs share name and the workflow will create the volume name as per the standard naming is there any customized script to built this workflow please let me know?


Re: WFA Create Clustered Ontap Volume and Cifs share

If I understand your request, and if the naming standard will be static, then for the volume name you should be able to use something like:


'cifs_ssd_'+ $appname + '_data_001'


$appname is the user input you will be prompting for and you can use the same variable for your CIFS share name.


Is that what you are looking for?

Re: WFA Create Clustered Ontap Volume and Cifs share

Thank you matt  that worked also how can I use incremental naming for say multiple volumes with following naming convention cifs_ssd_appname_data_001 the next volume should be named cifs_ssd_appname_data_002 ,cifs_ssd_appname_data_003?

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