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WFA Create Volume workflow aborting

I am new to WFA and am having issues with any of the prebuilt Workflows that create a volume.  I am running  For this specific instance I am trying to run the Create a Clustered Data ONTAP Volume which I input Cluster, SVM, Volume Name & Volume Size.  When I execute or Preview my job I get Planning Failed; 

Workflow aborted.
Each individual filter found results, but no results were found during the aggregation of filters
Location: 'Create Volume' command > 'Volume' tab > 'volume' variable > 'aggregate' property


The Parameter's for the "Create Volume' job uses stock template 'Space Guaranteed Settings' and automattically searches for aggregate & vserver.  Figured I was missing something obvious but am currently stuck.




Re: WFA Create Volume workflow aborting



Check out the "aggregate" finds and filters.  It does not look like there is an aggregate that meets all of the conditions. (Raid_DP, not aggr0, not over 300% over-committer, not more than 90 used, and assigned to the vserver).

Re: WFA Create Volume workflow aborting

Thank you for your quick reply. That was my first assumption as well but the aggregates available are 19%|32%  & 8%|11%  used & committed so that isn't the issue.  I have also updated the SVM configuraiton to set resource allocation to delegate volume creation as well as set it to not delegate volume creation.

Re: WFA Create Volume workflow aborting

Jimmy, I think the best way to determine why your workflow does not return a valid aggregate would be to test each filter independently. Start by recording the input variables to your aggregate finder. In this case I think there are 8 input parameters. You can see what WFA is passing to the create volume command by looking at workflow preview. You can then look at each filter in the Designer tab, and test the filter to see if it returns aggregates for your workflow. Be aware that the space filters add in the new volume size before they do the calculations. Mike

Re: WFA Create Volume workflow aborting

That did the trick; thanks for your assistance.

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