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WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

I am running WFA version OCUM was just upgraded to version 7.1P2. Storage clusters 9.1P2. When I attempt to acquire from the OCUM data source, I immediately receive the error: 'Table 'cm_storage.svmdr_volume_attributes' doesn't exist'. The status shows as 'failed'. Any newly added volumes on the filer show up in OCUM, but do not show up in WFA. 


Any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated. 




Re: WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

Hi Daniel,


you need to download and install the appropriate "WFA pack for managing Clustered Data ONTAP" in order for WFA to understand the DB schema.

Please use the automationstore from within WFA or go here:


1.2.0 should be the minimum version to support OCUM 7.1


Kind regards, Niels



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Re: WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

I beleive I have that pack installed already. I have attached a screenshot showing the installed pack. Do I need to update the scheme on the connection?

Re: WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

It's worth a try. The description of the WFA pack does not explicitely mention to reset the schema, but you don't lose anything by doing so. As WFA really is just a cache from the OCUM DB there is nothing special in there and everything would be reloaded upon first acquisition.


regards, Niels

Re: WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

I gave resetting the scheme a try, but that did not resolve the issue. I do receive a different error message now:

"Table 'ocum_data_collector.volume_ext' doesn't exist"


Any other suggestions as next steps I should try?



Thank you for your help so far!

Re: WFA Failing To Update from OCUM

I happened to find a solution for this issue, and the acqisition is working properly now. The following is the link where I found the fix:

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