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WFA MS SQL Datasource using a Domain Account

I'm attempting to build a MS SQL Datasource using a domain account for authentication to that SQL server.   I'm getting an authentication error from the WFA side, and when I look at the logs from the SQL Server side, I see the following error.  Is there a way to have WFA's built in MS SQL datasource driver use AD authentication?


Login failed for user '----\----'. Reason: Attempting to use an NT account name with SQL Server Authentication. [CLIENT: x.x.x.x]


Re: WFA MS SQL Datasource using a Domain Account

I don't have an MS SQL with me right now to try this out. But looking at the error, can you restart the WFA server service with SQL Server domain credentials and re-try acquistion. I'm not sure, but this will work or not.




Create a DataSource Type(DST) of method script. The script DST is way too powerfull compared to connection using JDBC drivers. Slower but it can do anything and everything. This will definitely get you whatever you want. You execute the same queries you planned to execute and get data. 







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Re: WFA MS SQL Datasource using a Domain Account

We are already running the WFA server service under a windows account.


I thought about your workaround, and if I can't get the built in section running, I will use that.  I was just trying to avoid it because of the time you mentioned.


I have a case open, so we will see where that takes me, and I will report back with the findings.

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