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WFA - Maximum of 255 characters for Exports Rule Clientmatch

We have a few sites where we have recently learned that the NAS admins at the site have been placing multiple server names in the clientmatch for the export rule. This is considered normal and allowed by NetApp, but we usually place one server per rule for easy edits/modifications. The problem with using a comma separate list in clientmatch is that WFA only allows up to 255 characters (varchar255 per the database for that field). Is there any way to modify this to allow for larger clientmatch lists to be used in WFA, or should we just suggest they move their comma separated lists to individual rules?


The database field in question is cm_storage.export_rule.clientmatch


Re: WFA - Maximum of 255 characters for Exports Rule Clientmatch



The "cm_storage" schema for the "export_rule" dictionary limits the "clientmatch" to a string of 255 characters. As it is a "certified" dictionary object you can not edit it, you'd have to clone it and create your own datasource. I would advise you raise a support case to ensure a bug (BURT) is raised so WFA engineering may consider increasing the maximum string length in a future release (to match the string length in ONTAP).


In the meantime you might consider generating a report from OCUM to see how widespread the issue is in your environment. EG:


SELECT AS 'cluster_name', AS 'vserver_name', AS 'export_policy',
   export_rule.clientMatch AS 'client_match',
   CHAR_LENGTH(export_rule.clientMatch) AS 'rule_length'
   export_rule.exportPolicyId = export_policy.objid
   export_policy.vserverId = vserver.objid
   vserver.clusterId = cluster.objid
   CHAR_LENGTH(export_rule.clientMatch) >= 255
   rule_length DESC

Once you know the extent of the issue you can determine if automation is required to update the export rules with individual client match values rather than a comma delimited string.



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Re: WFA - Maximum of 255 characters for Exports Rule Clientmatch

Thanks Matt, that is what I figured. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't something on my end. I will open a case to log it and hopefully in the next release we can this resolved. 

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