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WFA PowerShell Reports

Error  Exception calling "SaveAs"


I am getting errors saving excel via powershell code in WFA

if any work around




$xl=New-Object -ComObject "Excel.Application"


#==Powershell Code for Report==

$wb.SaveAs($csvReport, $xlCSV)
$wb.SaveAs( $reportName,[Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.XlFileFormat]::xlExcel8)





Re: WFA PowerShell Reports

Do you have Excel installed on the WFA server?


Re: WFA PowerShell Reports



Tested code works ok via powershell at command prompt






Re: WFA PowerShell Reports

See, you have provided almost close to zero information for debugging and expecting a solution.


1. What are you actually trying to do.

2. What is the error message you get?

3. What values of variables $htmlReport,$xlHTML..



What can one make out from a few lines  from the middle of the code. It will not help. So provide sufficient infomation.



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Re: WFA PowerShell Reports

Thanks sinhaa 


this was for testing if I could write excel  output to local drive via powershell on WFA server 



The only exception I am getting from  logs is


"Error  Exception calling "SaveAs" "


Can we save Excel workbook on local drive ? 


could be service account permission issues ,will report after testing 



Re: WFA PowerShell Reports

Attached is a simple WFA command that you can "test" to see if you have an issue with your WFA server configuration, or if the issue is in your code.  This requires an open directory at C:\Temp\WFA to run.  It works on my laptop with WFA installed.




Re: WFA PowerShell Reports

Not sure why the dar file does not show as an attachment, unless it is being filtered out as "software files".  Email me, and I will send you the attachment.


Mike Geringer


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