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WFA - Reset admin password

Hi all,

We seem to have lost our WFA admin password, is there an easy way to reset this back to default admin/admin?




Re: WFA - Reset admin password

Hi Dave,

Due to heightened security measures, the passwords are now "wired" to the WFA server.

On the other hand, there's no feature for resetting the admin password (We are discussing the particulars of one for an upcoming release. Not trivial, as you need to ascertain that feature is not accessible to non-admins).

What can be done is that we can manually handle it, providing you have made a previous backup. We can do without, but that would require us to connect to the machine with your assistance.


Yaron Haimsohn

WFA Team

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Re: WFA - Reset admin password

Hi Dave,

              Starting WFA 3.0RC1 there is a utility to reset the admin password of WFA.




Re: WFA - Reset admin password

What is the utility?

Re: WFA - Reset admin password

Depends on your WFA version. Get the WFA Installation and Setup Guide for your WFA version from . Its written there.

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