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WFA automation question

To summarize I am trying to do to automate to support a DR event:

1)      Replicate NFS volume data using SnapMirror (this is being done currently)

2)      Replicate NFS export information from primary to secondary without overwriting existing exports on secondary system (Rsync would overwrite target file)

3)      Refresh exports on secondary controller

4)      Break SnapMirror relationship to make secondary writable

5)      Update DNS entries

Can this be done with WFA or some other automation method?

Any suggestions or guidance greatly appreciated.



Re: WFA automation question

Is this for 7-mode or Clustered? WFA 2.1 has sample workflow to create SnapMirror on Clustered ONTAP but does not have anything to replicate the export information.

Re: WFA automation question

This is for a 7-mode environment.

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