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WFA display execute

is it possible to use WFA to display results of a query based on input and then show the results and in the next step , user can then select what to be included in the execute 


list snapshots for a filer/volume by age  and then user can select which snapshots  be removed in the execute



Re: WFA display execute

This is used very commonly in WFA and most sample workflows have dependent queries. For e.g. take a look at sample workflow "Create a basic Clustered Data ONTAP Volume". The VserverName userinput is dependent on the ClusterName input. Once a user selects a Cluster from the query results the Vservers for that cluster are listed.

Re: WFA display execute

create cluster ontap volume workflow uses execute on the first step 

was looking to select results from user input on first step and then show results on second step to be selected for execute 


this would give two step approach ,user input on first step and then list results that can be selected to execute on second step 


Re: WFA display execute

I am not sure what you mean by "create cluster ontap volume workflow uses execute on the first step".  This is how it works for that workflow. Step 1 you select the cluster and step 2 you select the Vserver



Re: WFA display execute


Try changing the "User Input" type to "query (Multi-select)".  This will display the results of your query and allow you to select multiple values.  I think that is what you are trying to do.



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