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WFA portal: SnapMirror Break

We use WFA version 2.2. Is it possible to select multiple volumes for a SnapMirro Break?





Re: WFA portal: SnapMirror Break



I assume you are referring to Clusered Data ONTAP.


You could create a workflow that loops through the selected set of volumes and call the certified command "Break SnapMirror"



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Re: WFA portal: SnapMirror Break

You can create multiple rows in a workflow and have it loop through that way.  That is how my team is doing it for customer controlled DR tests.  We have a workflow that by default will break up to ten volumes, with one volume per line.  Using the "User Inputs" section we lock down the source frame/volume and dest frame/volume so the customer logs in with a specific account, sees only their jobs and runs them.


Be warned that the certified command breaks the mirror and removes the relationship.  If you are doing this for testing purposed the certified command is not what you want to use.  If this is what you are wanting the same process as above will work just fine as well.


- Scott

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