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WFA shows incorrect version

Hi All,


I Found an interesting (bug), maybe someone know what is going on. 

I've installed WFA 5.0.0 on a new VM and restored back a backup configuration from old version (


Right now if I check the version on the web interface it shows version 4.2.  Is this a normal operation? 





wfa version 2.jpg

wfa verr.PNG


Re: WFA shows incorrect version

Hello Zoli,

This is definitely not normal a operation. Have you tried clearing the browser cache ?

What browser are you using ? If chrome, could you also try in incognito mode ?

Also, a reboot might clear the old info.


Please share your feedback 🙂 

Re: WFA shows incorrect version

Hi Alain,


I've tried FF, IE, CHR, cleared cahce, restore browser to default, rebooted host os, and still gets v4.2.

I have to upgrade WFA to 5.1 soon, and I'm concerned about that.

Do you have any other suggestion?


Many Thanks


Re: WFA shows incorrect version

Hey Zoli,

I don't think upgrading will be any issue and maybe upgrading will rather clear that info.

Please go ahead and try the upgrade and get back to us with your feedback

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